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Top 3 things that transformed my Mudroom!

What is better than a well-organized mudroom? Maybe tacos, but probably not much else. If you’re like us, the mudroom area is off the most used entrance in the house. If you’re also like us, it is completely open to the kitchen and viewed a total of five thousand times a day. When it was a visual eyesore, it was constantly “yelling” at me. This is a big point I make with my organizing clients; your house should NOT be yelling at you.

In my case, my mudroom/laundry space was always yelling at me to wash clothes and fold them. I just don’t need that sort of negativity in my life. LOL

It was when I was searching again for the perfect on the wall shoe organizer that I decided to think bigger and really solve my problem, which was visual clutter! So I did what I usually do when I get a genius new idea, I looked on Amazon for products that fit my mental picture. As usual, I found everything I needed and more to update my somewhat oddball shaped space just perfectly.

First was the laundry hamper that fit perfectly on the side of the dryer AND holds my empty laundry baskets on top perfectly.

Then was the tall coat tree cabinet that was perfect for holding little shoes on the bottom and seasonal items for easy grab and go on the top (sunscreen, gloves, or hats). Not to mention the coat storage is perfect for kid coast and backpacks.

The last cabinet I was not sure about because I wasn’t sure what would fit in the slim cabinet but I was so happily surprised that all our garbage bags, laundry pods and dryer sheets, etc. fit so perfectly!

Even though this update was done last year, it is still one of my favorites and the one that really opened up our home and our minds to focus on things more important than laundry!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if an area in your home is “yelling” at you, life is just too short and your home should be a sanctuary.

XOXO- Jamie

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